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This site gets zero funding from anywhere, it's run by me, Steve Lareau. I'm a local artist, and I've run this site for the past 6 years on my own time and my own dime, so if this place makes it easier for you to find what's going on, buy me a cup of coffee, or a beer.


Well, it’s time. I’m officially putting feelers out there. I’m looking for a buyer for the site I’ve been running

I started it June 2008, so for 8 years, it’s the place people go to for info on what’s going on every First Friday. I started the site because no one had any info online, aside from a generic mention that galleries are open late every First Friday. It’s grown to be a huge event, and it’s been a pleasure to see the arts growing like it has over the years. I’m grinding to a halt, physically and mentally. I don’t want it to die on the vine, I need to put it into the hands of someone that can keep the momentum up, someone that can kick venues in the backside and get them to submit the info on the artist appearing every month, someone to kick artists in the backside and get them to get the info on their opening every month.

I hit the wall, there’s too much apathy out there. I only get a small handful of people that keep me posted, only because they already have a mail list, and I was asked to be put on it. I made the rounds, in person, handing out business cards to the venues, begging them to just mail me the info. It’s free advertising for them and the artists. It’s never cost a dime to venues or artists. I’ve been running this on my own time and my own dime, and I’m tired, I can’t give it what it needs to keep going. It took a lot of work, but I believe (last time I checked anyway) that this is the number one website for anything related to First Friday in Knoxville. Google, Yahoo, Bing, it was at the top.

It gets traffic only a week or so a month, as it’s a pretty specialized website. The only time there are visitors is because people want to find out what’s going on one night a month. For 2014, there were 21,717 views, 9,539 unique visitors. Traffic has been growing year by year, and I want it to keep going upward.

Inquiries can be made by using the contact form here.

Please spread the word to those you think may have an interest in purchasing this site and keeping it going. Thanks.

Header photo courtesy of Inside of Knoxville

If you don’t see a listing for an artist below,  don’t assume the venue doesn’t have an artist on display, they might not have gotten around to sending me the information on who’s on display at their venue. Also, the listing below are venues that have participated in the past, and may not have an artist being hosted that month. If you need to know for sure,  you’ll find their contact information below, so you can check to see if they’ve got more recent info on their own site. Sadly, only a small handful of people regularly send me information for the artists they have on display each month, and I just don’t have the time to hit dozens of websites searching each month.

On with this month’s openings!

2 Many Pixels

130 W. Jackson Avenue, Suite 201 Knoxville  Website

501 Arthur

501 Arthur St., Knoxville (865) 951- 2523  Website

A1 Lab Arts

Center for Creative Minds, at 23 Emory Place Knoxville  Website

Art Market Gallery

422 S. Gay Street Knoxville (865) 525-5265  Website

Ongoing display of local artist’s work.

Belleze Salon and Spa

6209 Kingston Pike Knoxville (865) 558-8424  Website

Birdhouse Laboratories

800 N. 4th Ave Knoxville  Website


24 Market Square, Knoxville (865) 329 8868  Website

Bliss Home

29 Market Square Knoxville (865) 673-6711  Website

Bliss Home is pleased to present the latest works by Knoxville artist, Stacey Fletcher, for March First Friday. Bliss Home, located at 29 Market Square, will host an opening reception on Friday, March 6th from 6pm to 9pm. Complimentary snacks will be provided and Stacey’s art will be featured for the month of March.

Stacey Fletcher received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing from The University of Tennessee in 2003, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Valdosta State University in 2000.  She has exhibited nationally and internationally in many individual, group, and juried exhibitions.  This includes being awarded the honor of participating in the 2005 Pienkow International Artist Workshop in Poland.  Stacey has taught for The University of Tennessee since 2000 as a graduate assistant, an assistant professor, as well as through the personal and professional extended education program.  She lives, paints, and teaches in Knoxville, TN.

As a cathartic painter, Stacey’s work expresses emotions and frustrations that would otherwise be hard to express verbally.  They seem abstract at first glace to the viewer, but have some sense of childhood imagery disguised among the colorful layers.  Her work is fresh with vibrant lively colors, with layered metaphors of herself and others contrasted with the chaotic approach of the energetic marks. Artist’s Website

Bootleg Betty

122 S Gay Street, Knoxville  865-309-5818  Website

Casa Hola

100 S. Gay Street, Suite 109, Knoxville (865) 335-3358 Website

Cocoa Moon Fusion Grill/Koi

19 Market Square Knoxville  (865) 521 3888

Coffee and Chocolate

327 Union Avenue Knoxville (865) 688-9244 Website

Community Television of Knoxville

808 State Street Knoxville (865) 215-4350  Website

Creativity Center

13 Emory Place, Knoxville  Website

Downtown Grill and Brewery

424 Gay Street, Knoxville (865) 633-8111

First Friday Show at Downtown Grill and Brewery March 6th at 6-9PM

Hosted by College of Architecture and Design, University of Tennessee

Works fabricated during the week of TAAST (The Annual All-College Spring Thing) with the College of Architecture and Design will be displayed during First Friday with your local Downtown Grill and Brewery on March 6th, 6-9PM. You do not want to miss out, so come visit us and grab a local beer from your favorite brewery while you are there!

Downtown Grind

418 S. Gay Street , Knoxville (865) 524-4747

East Tennessee Historical Society

601 S. Gay Street, Knoxville (865) 216-8824  Website

East Tennessee Community Design Center & UT Downtown Design Studio

500 S. Gay Street Knoxville  Mobile (865) 603-3988 Office (865) 525-9945  Website

Emporium Center for Arts & Culture / Arts and Culture Alliance / The Balcony Gallery

100 S. Gay Street Knoxville (865) 523-7543  Website

Ewing Gallery

1715 Volunteer Blvd. Knoxville (865) 974-3200  Website

Gallery Nuance

121 S. Gay Street,  Knoxville TN  (865)-329-4626 Website

Ironwood Studios

119 Jennings Avenue Knoxville (865) 405-0777  Website

John Black Photography

501 Union Ave. Knoxville (865) 522-1715  Website

Kate Moore Creative / Jennie Andrews Photography

123 S Gay Suite B Knoxville (865) 951-8416  Kate Moore Website   Jennie Andrews Website

Knoxville Arts and Fine Crafts Center

1127B Broadway Ave. Knoxville (865) 523-1401

Knoxville Museum of Art

1060 World’s Fair Park Knoxville (865) 525-6101  Website

Knoxville Visitor Center

301 Gay Street Knoxville (800) 727-8045  Website

Lox Salon

103 W. Jackson Knoxville Website

Maplehurst Inn

800 W. Hill Avenue, Knoxville  (865) 803-6215 Website

Old City Java

109 S. Central Avenue Knoxville (865) 523-9817   Website

Oodles Uncorked

18 Market Square Knoxville (865) 521-0600  Website

Organized Play

131 South Central Street Knoxville  (865) 521-0690  Website

Patricia Nash Designs

109 S. Gay St. 524-2626 Website

Preservation Pub

28 Market Square Knoxville  (865) 524-2224  Website

Exhibiting in the Market Square Speakeasy starting from 1st Friday 6pm in March:
Photographic Artist: George Brock Scott

6pm Scruffy City Hall:
SUBTLE CLUTCH (Knox Young Ameri-Rockers!)
2nd floor Speakeasy 8pm:
MATT FOSTER (Knox Americana Songwriter)

Scruffy City Hall 10pm:
BARK. (Susan Bauer Lee on the drums y’all, Knox Rock)

Kevin Abernathy Band (Americana Rock-ona)

TIM LEE 3 (roots rock)

Preservation Pub 10pm:
MASSEUSE (Murfreesboro Cello Funk Rock)



323 Union Avenue Knoxville (865) 525-7888  Website

Regal Downtown West 8

1640 Downtown West Blvd. Knoxville  (865) 693-6327

Remedy Coffee

125 W. Jackson Ave. Knoxville Website

Rita’s Italian Ice

26 Market Square Southwest, Knoxville

Rococo Boutique

2 Market Square, Knoxville (865) 971-1006 Website

Salon Visage

11 Market Square Knoxville (865) 694-4000

Style of Civilization

133 S. Gay Street Knoxville  (865) 544-4196  Website

Technology Cooperative

130 W. Jackson Ave. Suite 101 Knoxville  Website

Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and sound @ East Tennessee History Center

601 South Gay Street Knoxville Contact: Bradley Reeves, Louisa Trott (865-215-8856) Website

Tennessee Valley Bikes

214 W. Magnolia, Knoxville Website

The District Gallery & Framery

5113 Kingston Pike, Knoxville  (865)200-4452  Website

The Tree and Vine

439 Union Avenue • Off Market Square • Knoxville  (865) 985.0524  Website

Tomato Head

12 Market Square, Knoxville – (865) 637-4067 Website

“Little Ears Presents: Expressions in Arts Education” will be on view at the Market Square Tomato Head in downtown Knoxville from March 9th through April 5th. The exhibit will then move to The Gallery West Tomato Head from April 6th through May 4th.

Little Ears Presents: Expressions in Arts Education

Mixed media and acrylic paintings by students of Community School of the Arts, and photographs of arts education in action at the Joy of Music School and Community School of the Arts. The exhibit arrives as part of the Big Ears Festival’s Little Ears program, an educational component of the annual contemporary music festival. Through the program, local students from both nonprofit organizations are given hands-on arts education experiences throughout the festival weekend. Little Ears also provides financial support to the two organizations via charitable donations from each Big Ears ticket sold, and fundraiser partnerships like the Tomato Head’s Loving Spoonful fundraiser, where net proceeds from Big Ears pint glasses benefit both organizations in the month of March.


115 S. Gay Street (865) 525-7381  Website

Wing Zone

2121 Cumberland Ave. Knoxville (684-5477)  Website