This web site is not part of any official First Friday organization in Knoxville.

We have no affiliation to the web site run by the Market Square District Association.

This site is entirely independent of any official or unofficial organization that hosts, produces, manages, or promotes First Friday gallery events in Knoxville.

I receive zero funding for this site from any company or agency, it’s created and run entirely by me, to do what needed to be done- to get this information in one place online where people can find it.

I welcome information on news of upcoming events, businesses I’ve missed, links to where I might find the info I need to put onto this site.

I also welcome donations from artists, gallery owners, and the general public, if you’ve found this site helpful. I’ve set up a “tip jar” on the right sidebar of this web site if you’d care to toss a little something my way for the effort.

I am not trying to steal anyone’s thunder. I’m trying to do something that will help artists, galleries, and the public connect with each other, and to find out what’s going on during the First Friday of every month.

Steven Lareau
Just an artist guy, in Clinton.