We’re offering space on this site for advertising. We’ve got space in the sidebar for a text ad, or for a button advertising your business.

The traffic patterns on this site are pretty unusual, since the only reason people visit is to find out what’s going on during the First Friday events in Knoxville. Because of this, the traffic is slower during the month, but spikes a week before, and a few days after First Friday happenings.

Since this is an unusual web site, with unusual traffic patterns, I’m treating it a bit differently than my other web sites. Instead of selling standard advertising space, I’d rather think of it as sponsoring this web site.

I’ll put a text link, or a button, right on the sidebar of the site, which will appear on every page on this website, except for the gallery of artwork section. I won’t put too many sponsor links on the site, we all see enough of that sort of thing elsewhere, so your ad will be on the sidebar, seen by every visitor visiting any page on this site.

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