I want to help artists find a larger audience for their work. There are numerous galleries in this area, but there are places participating that aren’t actually art galleries, from clothing stores to home furnishing stores to the Blount Mansion. I didn’t know about half the participants involved in First Friday events around town, and I’ll bet there’s a few you didn’t know about either. Until now, there hasn’t been a single place to go online with listings of participating galleries.

If you’re an artist, you want your work to be seen.  So you locate art galleries and talk with them, and sometimes you land a showing. But there are other places participating in First Friday that artist’s don’t even know about, and the public doesn’t either.

That’s the reason I’ve built this web site, it will serve as a central directory for the First Friday participants. No more searching through Google for each individual gallery. One place, as many listings as I can find, right here.

But for now, here’s what this site can do for artists in the Knoxville area. Right now, you can find the different galleries and stores and shops that participate in First Friday events right on the front page.

I don’t do bookings, or run anything, I simply compile listings of who’s showing where on a monthly basis. You can use the listings on the site to see who participates, and contact the different venues to see if they have an opening coming up.
If you’ve got an opening coming up for First Friday, use the contact form to get in touch with me, and I’ll put it up for you.