This web site will be helpful for the public to find out who participates in First Friday events in Knoxville.

That’s the reason I’ve built this web site, it will serve as a central directory for the First Friday participants. All you need to remember is the town Knoxville, and the event name, which is First Friday, and you’re here. No searching through Google for each individual gallery . I’ve put everything on the front page, so now people can see who’s participating, as well as who’s the featured artist(s) for that month.

I’ve listed as many First Friday participants as I could find. Venues listed has the name, address, phone number, and a link to the venue website if there is one. This won’t cost you anything, it’s a gift to you, and to the community, no strings attached. I am finding numerous businesses that say they participate in First Friday, however I can’t find anything in the way of information on who the artist(s) are, or I can’t find a web site for you, so please get in touch with me using the Contact Form and provide this information. If you are listed here, and do have monthly featured artists, PLEASE- send me a monthly email with the name of your shop and the name(s) of the artist(s). That’ll save me having to hunt this information down every month.

I am a one man show, I have no funding for running, maintaining, or updating this site by anyone. I’m paying out of pocket for the domain registration, the domain hosting, and the hours spent building and updating this web site. If you’re a business listed, please consider making a donation to help offset the costs of running this place. Even if you’re not a business that participates, or aren’t listed here, please consider sending something my way for the effort. There’s a button on the sidebar marked DONATE.

If you’d like to sponsor this site, drop me a line. I’d be more than happy to discuss placing a banner ad or other form of sponsorship button on the site.

Hit this link to get in touch with me, and let’s get this town rocking. There’s so much talent around here that no one knows about, so hopefully this will help kindle the embers that have been smoldering the last few years.

Steve Lareau
Clinton, TN
Hilltop Design